Solutions for the HTC One Problem in Home and Back Buttons

HTC One problem

If you are experiencing an HTC One problem wherein the Home and Back buttons are unresponsive, this article will help you explore the likely causes of the issue as well as the possible solutions that you can apply.

The Possible Causes of the the HTC One Problem in Home and Back Keys

The most probable cause of this particular HTC One problem is that there might be an obstruction in the capacitive touch buttons. Another factor triggering the issue might be a lag caused by errors in the system or apps of the Android device.

The Possible Fixes for the Unresponsiveness of the HTC One Home and Back Buttons

Here are the possible solutions that you can apply to your HTC One problem:

A. Remove or Change the Protective Film

If the transparent film protecting the screen of your device is too thick or its material is not compatible with your phone, it will hinder it from responding properly to your touch commands. So, remove it and observe if the issue still occurs.

B. Restart the Phone

If the problem persists even after removing the protective covering of your device, try to restart it. This will enable the phone to enter into a soft reset state that will refresh its system. Minor glitches are usually fixed using this method. To do this, just perform the following steps:

1. Press and hold the Power button located at the side of the device.

2. Select Restart from the given choices.

3. Confirm the action by choosing Restart again.

You can also do this by holding on to the Power button for approximately ten seconds. This will automatically restart the device.

C. Disable Unused Apps

A lag in the system can be due to so many apps running in the background which are taking up too much of your phone’s processing power. Another element that can result to this HTC One problem are rouge apps. Try disabling the apps that you are no longer using to make your device run faster and to improve its responsiveness. You can enter Safe Mode as well to determine whether recently installed apps are causing the lags or the unresponsiveness of your HTC One keys.

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