Samsung’s smartwatch will be known as the Galaxy Gear

Galaxy Gear

The Samsung Gear smartwatch has just been confirmed yet again, but this time in the form of a trademark filing by Samsung. While the original leak in July involved a patent filing confirming the existence of a Samsung smartwatch, this new filing reveals the ‘Galaxy Gear‘ moniker. The patent for the Galaxy Gear was filed on the 29th of July and will bear the model number SM-V700.

Nothing much is revealed beyond that, but with September 4 being the rumored launch date, we can expect to learn more in the coming weeks. It goes without saying that this smartwatch will work as a companion device for not only Samsung smartphones but all smartphones running Android. Samsung smartphones will probably have deeper integration with the smartwatch. All we need now is some information on the specs of the Galaxy Gear and we’re good to go.

Going by what we have seen from most smartwatches up until now, we can speculate that the Galaxy Gear will follow along the same lines. Of course, some things will be different as with any Samsung device. The Pebble smartwatch has shown us how a watch like accessory can communicate with the user in a whole new level and we’re hoping some of that spirit rubs off on Samsung.

Source: USPTO

Via: Sam Mobile