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Samsung will offer BBM for Android via Samsung Apps

BBM for android

Samsung has just issued a statement mentioning that the upcoming BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) app for Android will be made available through its app hub known as Samsung Apps. Although Samsung is referring to Africa in its statement, it is pretty obvious that all Samsung users across the globe will be able to access the app. Samsung is set out to promote the launch of the BBM for Android app in Africa. The app will also be launched via the Google Play Store at about the same time. The launch of BBM for Android is very close as beta testers have already received the app to check for bugs and other performance related issues. We should expect an announcement soon.

Samsung has its own cross platform chat client called ChatOn, which is available across all three major platforms, so it would eagerly welcome the arrival of BBM for Android. Samsung has further stated that BBM will merge with the Samsung Messaging Hub, which hints at deeper integration of the app. With plenty of cross platform chat clients already available, we’re not sure if BBM will find a place in the Android or iOS ecosystem. The depleting marketshare of BlackBerry smartphones is an even more troubling issue.

Source: CrackBerry

Via: Android Central

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