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Samsung UK Offering Competition To “Win what will be unpacked” on September 4


Samsung is going to be unveiling something on September 4th at their event in Berlin, but what they’re revealing is currently unknown. Well, we all know they’re going to be unveiling the Galaxy Note 3, but will they be releasing anything else on this date? Many have speculated a Galaxy Gear release on September 4th as well.

No matter what is released, someone has the chance to win it all in a Facebook competition posted from the Samsung UK Facebook page. Whilst this isn’t all too exciting unless you’re feeling extra lucky today, there are a few bits of information to be taken from their competition page.

Firstly, according to the competition, something ‘groundbreaking’ will be unveiled on September 4th. Of course the first thing to think of is the Galaxy Gear. This device is definitely worthy of the groundbreaking title, but seeing as Samsung thinks highly of itself, perhaps it’s just talking about the Galaxy Note 3?

Another thing to take in to consideration is that the page says ‘something’ will be unveiled, instead of some things. Maybe i’m looking into it too much, but this could mean that we may only see one item release on September 4th, and we all know the Galaxy Note 3 is coming.

Right now I’m taking my bets on just the Galaxy Note 3 releasing, but there’s still that voice in the back of my head that keeps telling me that the Galaxy Gear’s time is now.

Either way, with all this talk circulating around the Galaxy Gear, there’s no doubt that both the Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear are coming soon.

Source: AndroidAuthority

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