Samsung Push Service Error in Galaxy S3

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Recently, we received this email from a reader that says, “I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-19300. When I open the Manage Space option under the Samsung Push Service app, the phone rejects it saying that it is not available. What should I do about it?

Possible Causes of the Samsung Push Service Error in Galaxy S3

There are possible factors that may trigger the error. The most likely is that the app must be bugged. There have been so many feedbacks about the app freezing and giving off various errors based on the Google Play store. Another possible cause of the error is an app that has gone rouge which interferes with its operation. Third, it may be a glitch in the Android operating system.

Solutions to the Samsung Push Service Error in Galaxy S3

Here are the solutions you can apply to solve the problem:

1. First, try to soft reset your Galaxy S3 by pressing the Power button for around 10 seconds until it turns off and then by pressing the same button again to restart the phone.

2. When restarting that does not work, try to start your Galaxy S3 under Safe Mode. Then, attempt to access the Manage Space function from there. If you can already access it, there is probably an app interfering with Samsung Push Service. For this, proceed to the next item. But if the same error occurs, proceed to the fourth item.

3. If you are positive that there is another app causing the error, simply recall the recent programs that you have installed prior to the issue. Simply disable or uninstall them from your device.

4. If the errror persists under Safe Mode, we can now deduce that the Samsung Push Service app itself is buggy. In this case, simply uninstall it. After that, download its installer again from Google Play store and install it once more.

5. If you are still getting errors and you think that it is Android causing all the trouble, you can perform a Factory Reset. Be warned though that this will delete all your data so be sure to backup your phone. But on a personal note, performing a Factory Reset just for a single app that does not work may not be practical. So, why not just look for another app instead that could provide the same features?

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