Samsung preparing to launch 12-inch Android tablet


With the saturation in the seven and ten inch tablet market, both Samsung and Apple are looking for new tablet sizes to explore. The 12-inch market is the next step and the two biggest players are ready to take it on.

Rumour has it Samsung is preparing a 12-inch tablet and Apple is preparing to do the same. With Windows 8 moving to hybrids and everyone jumping for a cheap seven-inch tablet, we can see these two new 12-inch tablets taking a different approach to the conventional tablet.

Samsung and Apple may add different software suitable for a larger tablet, it would seem odd to have a 12-inch Android tablet, but if Samsung optimises it for desktop functionality, it may work out. We believe Apple will do the same, designing the tablet with an optional keyboard and some new software.

Currently only Samsung and Apple are invested in this new 12-inch market, with the smaller Android competitors sitting back. The tablet gains have not been great for most companies, apart from ASUS with the Nexus 7 and Amazon with the Kindle Fire. Samsung has had some success, but the wide range of tablets brought out fail to gain any traction.

We hope to see these new tablets before the end of the year, Samsung could bring the 12-inch device to IFA and we may see Apple bring the larger iPad to an event sometime in September or October.

Source: Android Community

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