Samsung offering $10,000 for best flexible device design

Since Samsung gets a lot of stick for not being innovative enough, they are offering a $10,000 cash reward for the best flexible display design and will also be offering prizes for second and third place.

The idea is to create a device within the parameters of reality for Samsung to possibly develop in the future and they will paid first $10,000, second place $5000 and third place $2500. This is big money they could be pushing in research and development, but Samsung has decided if they set a contest they may get some new ideas.

Concept designers will have to have a business mind about this new flexible design, with Samsung asking for a business plan and how they would be able to sell this to investors and customers. The idea is simple, create something that would not work without a flexible display and make sure it fits into reality.

It is a great plan for Samsung, imagine if someone comes up with something as critical as the first iPhone or Google Glass. This would be an easy $10,000 for the concept artist, but it could turn Samsung hundreds of millions in profit if successful.

One of the problems with this is even if the contestant does not win, the idea is now property of Samsung’s and they may work on it in the future. This is a bummer if the contestant does not win then decides to try it out on Kickstarter.

Source: Samsung