Samsung may be preparing cheaper Galaxy Note 3


Samsung is preparing to make a second Galaxy Note 3 model, to make the Note line more accessible to users who may not want to splash out on an expensive two year contract or fork out $600+ for the phone off contract.

This new Galaxy Note 3 variant will be cheaper than the original but will come with a less exciting specs sheet. According to the report, the display will not be 1080p and will come with an 8MP rear camera, a step down from the 13MP shooter on the Galaxy Note 3.

Samsung will keep the same screen size for the cheaper version of the Galaxy Note 3, a smart move considering this is the main attraction of the Note series. If Samsung had of dropped the size down, it would just look like a mid-range Galaxy S4.

The Galaxy Mega is already a large screen with mid-range specs and this is where the problem with this report lies. Unless Samsung believes there is significant difference between a 5.7-inch to 6.3-inch screen to warrant another smartphone, they may be cannibalising their own market a little too much.

Samsung will reportedly reveal the cheaper Galaxy Note 3 at the September 4 event in IFA, Berlin. The event will also include the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear, Samsung new smartwatch. We are not sure if anything else will be shown at the event, Samsung does have another event scheduled the day after for tablets and laptops.


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