Samsung Galaxy S5 to feature metal chassis: Rumor

Galaxy S5

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S5 is still possibly 8-9 months away from an official announcement, the rumors are already beginning to make way. Earlier in the week, we heard that the 2014 Samsung flagship will come with a 16MP OIS camera. And now, some more rumors have emerged suggesting a metal chassis for the Galaxy S5 smartphone. This report emerging out of ET News from Korea further states that the production line could begin as early as December this year with samples being sent out shortly after. But as this is merely a rumor, there’s every possibility that we might not really see a metal Galaxy S5.

Several rumors in the past have indicated that the next major Samsung made flagship will feature a metal body, but they’ve all been proven wrong, and we’re not too optimistic about this one either. Samsung’s main goal with the plastic/polycarbonate body is the lightness it brings to the table and also the fact that the back cover can be removed. Smartphones with unibody design don’t offer this luxury, but have still won a lot of praises from the customers.

Source: ET News (Translated)

Via: Sam Mobile