Samsung Galaxy S4 Problem in Getting Signal

galaxy s4 problem

The Samsung Galaxy S4 problem in getting a signal seems to be a common problem. Although this does not occur on all its users since many people I know who are Galaxy S4 users don’t seem to have this issue, we are getting many emails in our Mailbag mentioning this problem.

Previous Discussion About this Galaxy S4 Problem in Getting Signal

Last time, we have discussed extensively about how to solve this particular Galaxy S4 problem here. The solutions involve toggling the Airplane Mode, verifying your network coverage and performing a soft reset.

Additional Solutions to this Galaxy S4 Problem in Getting Signal

In addition to what we have discussed before, you might also want to see if there are apps which are somehow triggering the issue. This may be unlikely but it is still worth checking if the previous solutions fail to produce the desirable results. One way to find this out is by disabling your third-party apps through Safe Mode. From there, observe if the issue persists.

If entering Safe Mode somehow improves your phone’s performance, then you are probably facing a software issue with one of the apps that you have recently installed or updated. If not, then there must be something wrong with your hardware. But before ruling out any hardware problem, try performing a hard reset or a Factory Reset. That would bring back your Galaxy S4 to its default settings which will eliminate any changes that you have made to it including the software that you have installed our updated.

Now, if that does not work, have someone look at the built-in internal antenna of your smartphone or some of its parts. Take advantage of your warranty if it is still active.

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