Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery With Dedicated Charger Now On Sale For $50

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S4 the company emphasized its user replaceable battery feature. A lot of people questioned this move of the company since most of the flagship models right now have non-removable batteries. They argue that sealed batteries make the device more structurally sound. While this may be true it’s going to be difficult to replace the battery once it gets discharged and you don’t have a way to charge it.

Samsung has made available for the US version of the Galaxy S4 a spare battery complete with its own dedicated charger. This means that you can charge the battery outside of the phone. Swapping the battery of your smartphone is one of the quickest ways to get a full charge and is useful when you are at special events and your batteries suddenly run out of juice.

The Galaxy S4 spare battery charging system costs $49.99 at the Samsung US store. When you have this accessory you don’t need to wait for a few hours for your device to be charged. All you have to do is pop the battery in your smartphone. Just make sure that the extra battery is fully charged.

If you own a Galaxy S4 then you might want to get this accessory. It’s small enough to bring with you all the time and it gives you that extra power when you need it the most.

Technical Specifications

  • Package Contents: Spare Battery Charging System, 2600 mAh Standard Battery, 700mAh Travel Adapter
  • Battery Type: 2600mAh Lithium Ion
  • Cable Type: Micro USB

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