Samsung Galaxy S3 Contact Pictures Not Displaying

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Some Samsung Galaxy S3 users told us that the pictures of the people in their Contact list are not showing up in their stock SMS app. The only one that is displayed in their app is the generic icon set in default by the device.

Possible Solutions to the Samsung Galaxy S3 Contact Pictures Not Displaying Problem

Below are the possible solutions that you can apply to this particular Galaxy S3 problem. Take note though that the solutions mentioned here are only applicable for the stock messaging app of the Galaxy S3. It is not guaranteed to work on third-party messaging apps.

1. Check Sync with Facebook

If your Galaxy S3 is synced with your Facebook account, make sure that the names of the entries in your Contact list are the same with how they appear in Facebook.

2. Delete Duplicate Entries

See to it that all of your contacts do not have a duplicate copy. For best results, transfer each contact listed in your SIM card into your Phone memory. Then, delete all SIM card entries.

3. Check For Rouge Apps

Sometimes, there are certain apps that interfere with the normal operations of others. So, check if there are rouge apps running in the background of your phone by entering Safe Mode. From there, observe if the issue occurs. If the problem does not happen in Safe Mode, there are definitely rouge apps in your phone. So, try to recall the apps that you have recently added or the ones that are suspicious in nature and disable or uninstall them. Take note though that at this point, you should have tried already the two solutions shown above.

4. Factory Reset

If the problem persists even in Safe Mode, that’s the time for you to perform a Factory Reset. Be sure to back up your data before doing this though because your phone is sure to lose them.

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