Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Lagging and Freezing Problems [Troubleshooting Guide]

If there’s an app that works twice as much as the other apps, it’s the Camera app. The software synchronizes with the hardware so that the sensor can capture the photo shot at any given time. It then passes the photo to the Gallery app that organizes all multimedia files including videos and pictures. It is therefore, not a surprise if from time to time the camera app fails and may cause some minor troubles with the hardware of the device.

Here are some ways to troubleshoot problems with Galaxy S3 camera.

Step 1: After taking photos, the photos are stored in memory card. So, figure it out if there’s something wrong on your storage or try to format your memory card. Again, I want to reiterate that both the camera and gallery apps work together. If the photos become inaccessible due to memory card issue, it has some effects with both apps and even to other hardware.

Remember that formatting your memory card will delete your important files, so it’s important to make backups of your files.

Step 2: Old firmware on your phone may have contained bugs, updating the firmware is very to keep everything in the phone compatible with each other. Try to go to Settings => About Phone and search for software update from there.

Step 3: Try clearing the camera cache because there is a tendency some data became corrupt and caused the problem. Go to Settings => Application Manager => Swipe left until you’ve chosen All tab => Scroll to and tap Camera => Tap Clear Cache button.

After you do this, check if the problem with the camera was resolved. If it was, then you could stop at this point. Otherwise continue with step 4.

Step 4: This time, try clearing the camera data. Follow the same procedure in step 3 only that you need to tap on Clear Data button this time. Please note that doing this will delete all your settings, customization and other data, so beware.

Step 5: After dealing with the camera app and the problem continues, try checking on the gallery app this time. Basically, all you have to do with it is clear both the cache and data and you may lose your thumbnails as well as photos you haven’t backed up yet. It is safer to un-mount your SD card before doing this, or sync your phone with Picassa.

Step 6: If all else fail, try the factory reset but you would have to back everything up on your phone because they will all be wiped out. We need to remind you that this is must be your last resort.

Step 7: After doing all of the above and still the problem persists, it could be a hardware issue and you need to employ the services of an authorized technician. You might want to go to your provider to make sure that when the device was damaged beyond economical repair, it would be replaced.

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