Samsung Galaxy S3 Auto Answer Problem While on Headphones

galaxy s3 auto answer

One Samsung Galaxy S3 user shared to us that whenever he is using his Samsung Galaxy S3 to play music and the headphones are on, it automatically answers incoming calls. When there’s an incoming call while on headphones, the song he is listening to suddenly stops or pauses and the call is already in place. Now, that is definitely surprising and that will prevent you from screening you calls when on headphones.

The Possible Cause of the Galaxy S3 Auto Answer Problem

The good news is that the Galaxy S3 auto answer issue is likely caused only by the configuration of its Call Settings.

Possible Solution to the Galaxy S3 Auto Answer Problem

To fix this, just follow the steps below:

1. From the Home screen, go to Apps.

2. Select Phone.

3. Press the Menu key.

4. From the options that will appear, choose Call Settings.

5. Ensure that the checkbox next to the Automatic Answering option is unchecked.

Doing this will let you disable the Galaxy S3 auto answer feature while you are using the headphones. If you wish to activate it again, simply repeat the steps enumerated above. Only keep the checkbox of Automatic Answering ticked.

The Galaxy S3 Auto Answer Problem Persists

If the solution above fails to fix the Galaxy S3 auto answer issue, try refreshing your phone by restarting it. You might want to disable some apps also that you have installed just before the problem occurred because it is possible that it is causing the RAM hogging. The last resort, if all else fails, is to put your phone back into into its Factory Settings and performing the steps to disable the Automatic Answering option.

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