Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Switches From SMS to MMS Automatically

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Some Samsung Galaxy Note 2 users complain about having their SMS automatically converted to MMS. According to them, this happens when they are typing a really long text in their stock SMS app. Many of them say that it usually occurs when the message is already 1,000 characters long.

Unfortunately, the conversion of a very long SMS to MMS is among the many features of the Galaxy Note 2 according to the forums of XDA Developers, Android Central and Phandroid. So, it is really a hassle if your subscription to your carrier does not include sending MMS or the recipient of your message does not have this feature or service in his or her phone.

Remedies to the Galaxy Note 2 Auto MMS Switch

There is no actual way to disable this auto switch function of the Galaxy Note 2 in its configuration. So, here are ways to remedy this problem:

1. Keep Your Messages Short

The most obvious solution is to keep your messages short. As much as possible, do not go beyond the 1,000-character limit. You can utilize your email as an alternative if you want to send a really long message.

2. Use Other Apps

Another way to go over this particular limitation of the Galaxy Note 2 is by using third-party apps. One recommended app is Go SMS Pro. This can be downloaded for free in the Google Play store. Unlike the stock messaging app of the Galaxy Note 2, it does not automatically convert a long SMS to MMS.

3. Root Your Phone

The best solution to customize your Galaxy Note 2 just the way you want it to be is by rooting it. However, this is the most risky way to personalize your device. Just a little mistake in the rooting process may render your phone non-functional or cause serious glitches in its system.

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