Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Getting Slow and Files are Corrupted

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

One Samsung Galaxy Note 2 user shared to us that he just bought his phone 2 months ago but he is already experiencing problems with it. In his email through Mailbag, he mentioned the following:

1. My phone has been reacting very slow like whenever I try to open an application. It sometimes takes a few seconds to do it.

2. After a couple of days, the pictures stored in my Gallery gets corrupted. When they are opened, they appear to be grayish or with white blur. Then, there is a noticeable lag when opening old images which results in the phone restarting on its own.

I have read some articles about this particular Galaxy Note 2 problem on Google which says it happens due to the accumulation of cache files and hence those files are unwanted and has to be cleared from phone. So, I downloaded C Cleaner from Play Store. I tried this C Cleaner now phone is responding better, but still, it’s not like what it used to be.

The Possible Causes of these Galaxy Note 2 Problems

There are many factors that can contribute to the lag in the system of the Galaxy Note 2. Among the causes are there might be too many apps running in the background, the cache of your apps or device might be full, or let us also not rule out the possibility of a malware.

On the other hand, the corruption of the files may be connected to the frequent crashing of the phone or the issue mentioned by Google above.

The Possible Solutions to these Galaxy Note 2 Problems

Try to boot your Galaxy Note 2 into Safe Mode and observe if the lag still occurs. If you see a significant improvement under Safe Mode, then there might be apps that are causing the lag and the auto restart. Close or uninstall the apps that you are no longer using. Uninstalling apps or files that you no longer need is also a good way to free up a significant amount of storage memory.

Next, clear your cache as well as your app preferences. While you’re at it, install a reliable antivirus tool in your Galaxy Note 2 and perform a thorough scan to remove the unwanted programs that are giving you trouble.

If any of these solutions do not work, the last resort would be to do a Factory Reset.

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  1. You forgot to mention the lack of “trim” support for the internal NAND solid state memory and traditional degradation of performance.

  2. My Note 2 does not have a problems you mentioned. I mean sometimes it lag but that not the big issue.

    For every new phone I get, I always install apps need before enjoying this phone (I can call it mandatory). I installed Lookout Security, Advanced Task Killer, History Eraser, Ad Network Detector, and Juice Defender. Even without this apps, it still run great.

  3. Well that’s what happens when you see an ad on Craigslist that states ( used note 2,rooted and has been flashed 1500 times with custom rooms, , many with different carrier modems, kid dropped it 100x, and swam in the ocean with it in pocket because I forgot I had it in there, going for $99 if anyone is interested).

  4. LOL….ohh man…the title is so deceiving. I thought it was something IMPORTANT!! wasted 1 minute of my life….

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