Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Connectivity Issues

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Recently, we received this email from one of our readers through The Droid Guy  Mailbag:

“I noticed that the WiFi of my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is weak. When my other phones show two bars at one place, my Galaxy Note 2 shows none at all and it is incapable of connecting to WiFi.”

Factors that may be Causing the Galaxy Note 2 Connectivity Problem

Based on the message sent to us, the problem is obviously not due to a weak network in the area. So, it may either be a simple issue with the connection of the phone in the router (if it uses it to connect to the Internet), a minor system glitch or a complex hardware problem.

Possible Solutions to the Galaxy Note 2 Connectivity Issues

Before ruling out that it is a hardware issue, you may want to try out these possible solutions:

1. Restart the Galaxy Note 2

Sometimes, the answer to a glitch is just a simple restart since it refreshes the system of the phone. So, you may want to switch off and then switch on your device to refresh it.

2. Disable WiFi Power Saving Mode

Disabling the WiFi Power Saving Mode of the Galaxy Note 2 will help you boost its connectivity. But it has its downsides also. Check out how about it how to disable the WiFi Power Saving Mode here.

3.Configure Router

If you are using your router to connect to the Internet, make sure that it is configured to go properly with the settings of your Galaxy Note 2. Check out Samsung Galaxy S4 Unable To Connect To A WiFi Network [Troubleshooting Guide] to get an idea on how to treat this Galaxy Note 2 issue.

4. Toggle Airplane Mode

Press the Power button and enable Airplane Mode. After that, disable that again. This is another way to refresh your network.

5. Check SIM

Now, if any of these fail to work, then, try out your Galaxy Note 2 SIM with your other phones to determine whether it is defective or not.

6. Perform Factory Reset

A Factory Reset is the ultimate solution to any software problem. However, before doing it, make sure that you have backed up your data because this process will completely wipe all the contents of your phone and bring it back to its factory settings.

7. Have it Repaired by a Pro

If any of these do not work, including the Factory Reset, you are possibly encountering an internal hardware problem already like the one mentioned in this previous article we published which requires the intervention of an accredited Samsung phone repair center.

Email to Us Your Questions and Suggestions

I hope that the information provided here somehow helped. For more questions, write to us at [email protected] Just be detailed as much as possible in your questions so we can effectively pinpoint your problem and help you find the right solution for it.

Users who have something to contribute on the subject can also share their views and suggestions via [email protected] or on the comment box below.

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