Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Auto Shutdown While Charging

galaxy note 2 auto shutdown

Recently, we received a message from The Droid Guy Mailbag that says, “Many times I experience a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 auto shutdown while charging. As a remedy, I let it rest all day, which makes problem seem to go away. However, this appears to be temporary solution only as the issue occurs again when I charge my phone. Can you please provide a solution to this problem?

The Possible Causes of the Galaxy Note 2 Auto Shutdown Problem

There are many factors that could trigger the Galaxy Note 2 auto shutdown issue. Among them are system glitches, too many apps running and apps gone rouge. But since the Galaxy Note 2 auto shutdown problem usually happens while charging the phone, it is more likely experiencing a hardware issue like battery failure, charger defect, wiring problem inside the device or even a fluctuation in the electricity of your area.

The Possible Solutions of the Galaxy Note 2 Auto Shutdown Issue

In addition to the solutions that we have provided in our previous article such as elimininating RAM-hogging apps, checking loose battery connections, replacing your battery or charger and others, let me just add that if you have noticed overheating prior to the shutdown, it is possible that your phone has loose or tangled wirings inside that causes a circuit overload or deprivation of power. If you suspect that this is the case, have an authorized Samsung repair center check your device.

Also, the Galaxy Note 2 auto shutdown can be due to a fluctuation in the electricity. This can be very dangerous not only to your phone but to your well-being too. So, you might want to call up an electrician to check the sockets where you usually plug your device for charging.

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