Samsung Galaxy Gear to have 6 and 8GB storage variants?

Samsung Galaxy Gear

As the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Gear gets closer, we are learning new information about the device. A new report is now indicating that the smartwatch could be sold in 6 and 8GB storage variants, which is slightly odd for a modern device. In addition to the strange storage variants, the smartwatch will reportedly have a weak battery life of only 10 hours, it is said. Of course, there’s not enough clarity on either rumors so we’ll have to wait until next Wednesday to have more information. But if any of this is true, we’re not sure Samsung fans will be awfully interested.

As far as the storage variants are concerned, it’s almost immaterial as most of your data will be stored on your primary device (smartphone, tablet) etc. But on the other hand, the Galaxy Gear is a powerful device on its own unlike most other smartwatches, so we’re not sure what Samsung is going for here. The device is rumored to pack 1GB of RAM along with a 1.5 GHz dual core CPU, which is the sort of hardware you see in most midrange smartphones. The smartwatch also packs a 2.5 inch 320×320 resolution OLED display, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi.

Source: Among Tech

Via: Sam Mobile