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Samsung Daynote to target Amazon Kindle

The Samsung Daynote is rumored to be a forthcoming version of the Galaxy Note with an e-ink display. This device will allegedly contend with Amazon’s Kindle line of products.


The blog Phandroid was the first to announce the device, after having spotted the name Samsung Daynote in the public records of the United States Patent & Trademark Office. According to the document, the South Korean electronics giant appears to have filed an application for the Daynote trademark from such office.

The trademark filing does not explicitly mention any features of the device. However, Phandroid surmises that it would be beneficial for Samsung to release a mobile device with an e-ink display.

Generally, e-ink displays are believed to allow for easy, glare-free reading even in direct and harsh light. Furthermore, the screen technology consumers a lot less battery life, enabling the user to enjoy more hours of usage on e-ink devices on a single charge than on devices with LCD screens.


Samsung Daynote and other Android e-ink tablets

If Samsung indeed creates Android tablets with e-ink displays, these devices will not be the first ones in the market. Plenty of other Android e-ink devices have been introduced by other manufacturers in the past. Some of these are the Barnes & Noble Simple Touch Glowlight, the Entourage eDGe, and the Alex eReader.  There was also the YotaPhone, a smartphone with both LCD and e-ink displays.None of these devices, however, proved to be a huge hit. Amazon itself had been rumored to be preparing an Android tablet with an e-ink display back in 2011, but it seems like the product never materialized.

Textbooks on the Google Play Store

Phandroid speculates that it would be timely for Samsung to release an Android e-ink tablet because of the impending launch of Textbooks on the Google Play Store. This initiative will provide consumers access to textbooks from various fields, from the major publishers. Among the publishers involved in the project are Cengage, Wiley, Pearson, McGraw-Hill and Macmillan. These textbooks may be bought or rented. With this new service, it may be expected that the demand for reliable e-readers will rise. Samsung could take advantage of the situation, and assert its dominance over other Amazon and Apple with the new Daynote.

Will you consider an Android e-ink device like the Samsung Daynote?

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