Samsung Ativ Q possibly delayed due to patent issues

samsung ATIV Q

Reports are indicating that the Samsung Ativ Q tablet might have run into patent infringement troubles. These reports emerging from Korea cite reliable sources and claim this to be the prime reason behind the delay in launch. The tablet was announced in June with great aplomb, but is nowhere to be seen ever since. This patent litigation apparently stems from the dual boot nature of the tablet which is capable of running Android 4.2.2 and Windows 8 simultaneously. On the Ativ Q, Android is run through the virtual machine inside Windows 8, which means there’s no need for a reboot to switch to Android.

While the idea behind Ativ Q sounded perfect especially for bloggers like us, it seems like Samsung might hold off on the launch. We won’t be surprised if the device is ultimately canceled as courtroom battles can usually be a lengthy process. Let’s hope these rumors are wrong as the Ativ Q is a fantastic device giving users the best of both worlds, on paper at least.

Source: Naver News (Translated)

Via: Phone Arena