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Samsung and LG will begin production of flexible displays in November

Samsung flexible display

A new report claims that LG and Samsung will begin mass producing the new flexible display panels beginning from November this year. However, both the companies will manufacture about 1.5 million units of 5 to 6 inch panels in the market, with plans to increase production if the need arises. This means that we won’t see markets flooded with smartphone using this flexible display and we might have to wait until 2014 for production to get more streamlined. All of this is hanging on the assumption that both companies manage to manufacture at 100% capacity from their factories.

We can expect early devices with flexible display panels to arrive by November-December or early 2014. Samsung showed off the YOUM flexible display panel earlier this year at the CES, so maybe we can expect a formal device announcement at the 2014 CES. LG and Samsung are currently the top competitors involved in the flexible display race with early reports indicating that LG might be the first to bring it to the market. It now seems like there won’t be a competition of any sorts as both companies will begin mass production at about the same time.

Source: Korea IT News

Via: Sam Mobile

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