[Rumor] Amazon Testing Its Own Wireless Network

A report by Bloomberg suggests that Amazon has tested its own wireless network technology that would allow its products to connect to the Internet. The wireless network was reportedly tested in Cupertino, California and used the spectrum which is owned by satellite communications company Globalstar Inc. (GSAT).

The source of this information wished to remain anonymous since the testing was intended to be private. One factor that further strengthened this rumor is that of a letter coming from Globalstar technical adviser Jarvinian addressed to the FCC stating that they were assisting a “major technology company” assess the benefits of the wireless network.

Globalstar is currently seeking approval to convert 80 percent of its controlled spectrum for terrestrial use. According to Globalstar CEO James Monroe “We are now well positioned in the ongoing process with the FCC as we seek terrestrial authority for our spectrum.”

If the FCC approves the conversion then Globalstar plans to lease its spectrum which is where Amazon comes in.

Having control over its own wireless network means that Amazon can provide a better Whispernet service to its consumers. The company could also charge Kindle owners a fee for accessing the Internet. The company’s upcoming rumored smartphone will be able to take advantage of this wireless network.

Amazon spokeswoman Leslie Letts and Globalstar spokeswoman Katherine LeBlanc both declined to comment on this rumor.

via bloomberg

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