Rogers will be the only carrier selling Moto X


The Moto X will be available on five different carriers in the US, but the rest of the world has apparently been left by Motorola, in their bid to make the all American smartphone.

Some good news is coming to Canada, the Moto X will be coming to one of the three big carriers out there. Rogers will be the exclusive carrier for the first two months, after we believe all the carriers will jump on the Moto X bandwagon.

Rogers will sell the Moto X at $189 on a two-year contract, this is a little bit better than the three year contracts normally offers with smartphones in Canada and it comes at $10 cheaper than US prices. We should see it on the shelves in August.

We have no idea about the Moto Maker in other countries, Motorola has a base in Texas that develops the customised backs, for users to actually grab the device they may incur more expenses. Currently the only news is the black and white versions will be available.

Rogers has the LTE 2600 MHz band, one of the fastest in the country and capable of reaching speeds over 100mbps, although normal everyday users are going to see about 10 – 20mbps at best.

Motorola has said they will not be bringing the Moto X outside the US, Canada and Latin America. This is a huge disappointment for the many fans in the UK, Europe and Asia hoping to get a customisable smartphone. CEO Dennis Woodside did say Motorola was making a cheaper version for other markets.

Source: Rogers

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