Questions about Samsung Galaxy S3 Rooting and Messaging Errors

galaxy s3 rooting

One reader recently sent to us a general question related to Galaxy S3 rooting. In his email to us, he stated that despite reading so many articles about Galaxy S3 rooting, an explanation about the meaning of rooting and how the process works is still not clear to him. Then, he mentioned that he is also experiencing problems with his deleted email messages because they keep on coming back.

What is Rooting?

To answer the first question, rooting simply refers to the process of attaining privileged control (also known as “root access”) to the device as a whole. A rooted device will allow its user to customize the phone in any way that he or she prefers. This will set aside the restrictions set by the Android operating system, the carrier and even the manufacturer of the phone.

The Galaxy S3 Rooting Process

For an easy guide on how to go about the Galaxy S3 rooting process, check out the article that we have published before in this link. Take note of the downsides discussed in the same write up though regarding Galaxy S3 rooting.

Galaxy S3 Deleted Email Messages Keep Coming Back

For the problem regarding the email messages that keep on coming back after getting deleted, it might only be connected to the configuration of the phone. This kind of problem can likely be solved through checking the way that your Galaxy S3 syncs. Check out our previous article here for more details.

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