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Popular iPhone ‘Dots’ Game Coming to Google Play Store from Today

Back in the day when I had an iPhone, my favorite game was angry birds.  When I switched to Android, the best thing that happened is that there was an Android version of Andry birds, which made my switch smooth.  If you are just switching to Android from iOS, or had already switched and wished you could get to play ‘Dots’, one of the most popular games on iPhone, you now have a reason to smile.  Starting today, the popular iOS game will be making its move to Android and with it comes a new game mode too.

Dots For Android

Dots became one of the most popular games largely because of its simplicity and size as it could run smoothly on any iPhone platform.  This is a basic puzzle-like game where the player connects dots by swiping the finger over the dots on the screen to accumulate points and unlock bonuses.  A standard game is 60 seconds – a time which the player is supposed to connect as many dots as they can to accumulate points.

The game introduces a ‘Moves’ mode as it comes to Android.  On this level, the player gets limited sets of moves instead of limited time in the standard mode.  ‘Dots’ is downloadable on Google Play Store now as well as on the Amazon Appstore, for players who have Kindles.

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