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Plan B Track Android Phone Software: Can You Rely On It?

plan b track android phonePlan B, as its name implies, is something that you can rely on if you need to track Android phone when it is already lost and you have no other alternatives. Unlike other track Android phone apps that require to be installed while using your phone, this one can be installed remotely using another device.

Plan B is developed by Lookout Mobile Security. It is available for download in the Google Play store for free.

How to Use Plan B to Track Android Phone

Using Plan B to track Android phone that has been lost is easy. Just download the app to the phone that you are looking for. Remember to download its web version on the Android market not from the phone’s app market.

Plan B will immediately initialize to track Android phone after the installation. It will send an email notification to your Google Gmail account that it is already looking for your lost device. From time to time, you will get updates through a Google Map link that indicates the whereabouts of your phone.

If by chance you will not be able to find your phone after 10 minutes of looking, just text the command “locate” (without the quotes) using another phone for the track Android app to reactivate again.

Plan B Track Android Phone App Benefits

As shown above, the app is very easy to use. This is definitely your alternative if you haven’t installed any spy app or locator to your phone.

According to feedbacks, this track Android phone app is very accurate. It only has a 2-meter radius margin of error in locating a lost device. Despite that, it is enough for you to know if the phone is within your vicinity.

Plan B Track Android Phone App Complaints

The only common complaint about Plan B is that some users who downloaded this app to track Android phone failed to get updates on their email. We are not sure if they just entered the wrong email address or it is a software glitch in the part of Plan B.


Regardless of the minor complaint from some users, Plan B is really reliable. So far, it has raked in great reviews from users too based on its rating in Google Play. Thus, this is highly recommended for everyone.

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