Oppo shows plugin cameras for smartphones


Sony’s new attachable lens cameras are an interesting product, making the camera cheaper by taking away the controller and display and replacing it with the mobile.

The Sony Lens, essentially half a camera, will connect through Bluetooth, WiFi or NFC to the smartphone, allowing the user to take the photo with the camera and automatically have it stored on the smartphone. Oppo, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has its own ideas on plugin cameras, with a recent teaser on Chinese social platform Weibo showing a plugin camera that could attach to a smartphone.

We are not sure if Oppo will reveal these plugin cameras at the Oppo N1 event on September 23. It does seem likely with the recent teaser, but the camera revealed looks less like a product more like a first prototype. With a little refining Oppo may be able to bring these lens cameras to consumers for a cheaper price than Sony Lens. They will come in two forms, one with an X10 zoom and the other with X15 zoom, both will have 16MP CMOS Sony sensors with OIS.

Attachable lens cameras are still questionable, Oppo and Sony are both betting on someone in the world who would want a happy medium, who is unhappy with the currently camera quality on their smartphone but unhappy with currently DSLR prices. This medium, in our view, does not exist. Photographers want the highest quality shot and DSLR cameras are becoming better at taking that and uploading it to a smartphone or laptop and average users are happy with the 8/13/20/41MP camera on their own phone.


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