One of the first games on Google Glass combines Space Invaders with Missile Command


A few hundred lucky Google Glass fans have been able to get their hands on with the new augmented reality. Inside the pack of people who have the new wearable device, there a few developers constantly tinkering with APIs and engines to see what Google Glass can really achieve.

One developer, Sean McCracken, has developed one of the first games compatible with Google Glass and says it is a mix between 3D Space Invaders and Missile Command. Like the Oculus Rift, Google Glass can take advantage of user movement and design games where the gamer is inside the game.

While the game is still in its infancy and may never come out as an application, whenever Google Glass starts accepting apps, it may be one of the first real playable titles. The gamer moves around targeting different space-ships with missiles, trying to make sure they don’t hit the areas around.

We may see expansion of this game to include different missiles for different enemies. Even with Unity engine, McCracken is able to achieve different optimisations through Google Glass. Imagine if a game studio worked on a project that could connect friends together to play through Google Glass.

It seems Google Glass will not just be for navigation and notification, but could be a fully recognised device, without the need for a secondary smartphone. The smartwatch is suffering from the problem of being a secondary device, but Google Glass may be a device to revolutionise the smartphone.

Source: Google+ and Google+