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It’s Official: Moto X Coming to Verizon on Aug 29th for $199 with a 2-year Contract

Just a few days ago, AT&T became the first carrier to unveil Motorola’s (and Google’s) flagship smartphone the Moto X as other carriers showed no signs of announcing the phone on their network in a rush.  However, if you are a Verizon customer eagerly awaiting the Moto X, you may not need to wait too long to get the phone as it is now official that the Moto X will be coming to Verizon on Thursday August 29th.

Moto X

Earlier rumors had pointed at 29th as the date Verizon will start selling the Moto X and this has turned out true.  However, if you are keen laying your hands on the Verizon Moto X, you will have to buy online.  The carrier says that stores all across the country will start receiving and selling the phone ‘in coming weeks’.  This may mean if you want to buy the phone at your local Verizon store, you may have to wait longer – days, perhaps a week or more – to get the phone.

Verizon’s Moto X release will offer buyers a variety of options including the phone in Black and White colors and in 16GB and 32GB models.  Just like AT&T, Verizon will be selling the Moto X for $199 but with a 2 year commitment.  Also, note that AT&T has exclusivity to MotoMaker, the Moto X online customization feature, till November.  What a disappointment.  Unless you are on AT&T, you cannot use MotoMaker till after November.  This is one feature that is part of the Moto X experience and it is sad that all those not on AT&T will have to do without for now.  It hasn’t been a secret though as it had been reported way earlier that customized Moto X might take longer to ship, even on Verizon.

While Verizon is stocking the Moto X, those expecting to use the MotoMaker have something to look forward to as Verizon had earlier promised to make the MotoMaker tool available for its subscribers ‘later this year’.

Source: Android Authority and Android Community


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