NVIDIA Shield teardown reveals complicated assembly

NVIDIA Shield Teardown

The newly launched NVIDIA Shield console has undergone the teardown treatment by the good folks at iFixit and it reveals a rather complicated setup of hardware. Although the team gave the device a score of 6/10 which is generally considered above average, the handheld gaming console is no child’s play to repair (or teardown), the result reveals.

Everything is bound so closely to keep the thickness at a bare minimum, that one small move can potentially ruin a component. The device has scored poorly compared to other gaming consoles, which is a word of caution for curious buyers.

NVIDIA Shield Teardown-2

So to conclude, the NVIDIA Shield isn’t all that easy to repair and users should probably leave the repairing to the pros over at NVIDIA by sending it over to the nearest service center. The teardown revealed 4x512MB DDR3 RAM (2GB), the NVIDIA Tegra 4 SoC, a 6-axis gyroscope and accelerometer and a Samsung made storage module.

Source: iFixit

Via: Android Central

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