Nexus 4 Problems After Updating to 4.3 Version

Nexus 4

Helen, a Nexus 4 user sent to us this message after installing the recent 4.3 OTA update: “I have just updated my nexus 4 to 4.3. Now, the gallery is not working‚ I can’t install or update apps, or even set a ringtone. Whenever I try to set one it says ‘settings do not work’. Please help me out.”

The Cause of the Nexus 4 Problem After OTA Update

It did not take us long to find the cause of the problem because a lot of Nexus 4 users have been airing similar complaints in the threads of other sites like Phone Review. According to the customers who just updated their Nexus 4 to version 4.3, problems similar to Helen’s complaint have started appearing in their devices.

The other issues noticed by several users also include frequent overheating, auto restarting and the freezing of the phone’s multitouch feature. But the worst that was stated in the threads was the issue about the Nexus 4 getting into an infinite loop between the Google screen and X screen. Looking at these, we are positive that the cause of the errors is definitely from the recent OTA update.

Solution to the Nexus 4 Problem After OTA Update

For Nexus 4 users who are encountering this, they are strongly advised to contact their carrier or phone manufacturer about it. Then, they should download and install the fix once they are made available. A factory reset may also be worth a try after updating but this is not a guarantee that the matter will be solved.  Another solution is via rooting and flashing of the ROM. However, remember that there are more downsides associated with these procedures if not done properly.

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