Nexus 4 Now Starts at $199 for 8 GB Model, 16 GB is $249

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 5.36.06 PM

Some pretty big news just happened to the Nexus 4. Already one of the cheapest (and best cheap) Android phones just got even cheaper. Starting now, Google is selling the 8 GB version of the Nexus 4 for only $199 and the 16 GB version of the N4 for just $249. That is an insane price drop.

If you’ve still been holding out on the Nexus 4 for any reason, now is the time to get it. Unless you’re waiting for the Nexus 5, of course. It’s unknown at this time if this is a temporary or permanent price drop, but we’ll update this post when we hear from Google.¬†This is now the best unlocked phone you can get at $199 or $249.

If you’re on T-Mobile (which sells the Nexus 4 in its stores), get it from Google Play instead. It’ll be a lot cheaper in the long run, considering the final price of the installment on the carrier is $432. So if you don’t already have one (on any carrier), now is the best time ever for a Nexus.

UPDATE:¬†Looks like it’s official, as Google has said it’s a permanent price drop in the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, Korea, and the UK. Prices vary by local currency, of course.

Source: Google Play (8 GB), Google Play (16 GB)