Nexus 4 Keyboard Hangs

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Some Nexus 4 owners sent us a message stating that they have been having trouble with the virtual keypad of their units. According to their emails to us, there have been frequent hanging in the interface of their virtual keyboards.

Here is an example of one of the emails sent to us through The Droid Guy Mailbag:

“Sometimes the Nexus 4 keyboard hangs after writing something. Also the messages cannot be erased during this instance. As a remedy, I close the messaging app and restart it. However, the problem happens again after a while. Other apps in my phone get the same issue too.”

Possible Causes of the Nexus 4 Keyboard Problem and the Solutions

Here are the possible causes of this particular issue and its solutions:

1. Android 4.3 Update

According to various news sources, more reports about this issue surfaced when the new OS update was rolled out. Engadget mentioned in its early report this August that in addition to the frequent freezing experienced by Nexus 4 users after updating, others got stuck in the “X” splash screen or in a never-ending boot loop.

The report said that the only way to fix this is by performing a Factory Reset or by flashing into an older version of Android. However, it should be noted that both these methods can cause losing the entire phone’s data, so it is advisable to back it up prior to the hard reset or flashing.

2. Too Many Processes in the Background

Before blaming the recent OS update, you may want to close the other apps that you don’t need first to enable your phone to concentrate on the app that you are using.

3. Cache Overload

When the cache of your phone is full, it has the tendency to cause errors and freezing. Thus, attempt to clear your data and you may also reset your app preferences after. Note that resetting the app preferences may put all the settings of your apps into default, so this is only optional.

4. Rouge Apps

To determine whether third-party apps are causing the problem, put the Nexus 4 into Safe Mode. From there, observe if the issue persists. If the problem occurs under Safe Mode, then you can be positive that the OS update is the one to blame. But if the problem does not occur during this mode, that means there are apps interfering with each other. Just disable or uninstall the app that you think is causing the problem.

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