Nexus 10 missing from ASUS roadmap


ASUS and Google are tight partners when it comes to the tablet world, with the original Nexus 7 becoming one of the best selling tablets and Google going back to ASUS to develop the next generation Nexus 7.

This has lead many to believe ASUS will take over manufacturing on the Nexus 10, Google’s larger tablet. Previously Samsung worked on the original, but rumours have lead us to believe the South Korean mobile giant will not be asked to create another.

Unlike the Nexus 7, the Nexus 10 did not do very well on the market. Even though the device had an impressive screen and high performance, there was not that many apps dedicated to ten-inch displays, battery life sucked and the price was too expensive.

Samsung cannot be blamed for the lack of developer interest in ten-inch tablets a year ago. We have seen a growth in developers on Android making their app accessible for all size screens, to create a less fragmented system.

Whatever the reason for Samsung apparently not getting another shot at the Nexus 10, it seems ASUS will be the likely manufacturer, but there is one problem. A recent roadmap of all ASUS’ smartphones and tablets for the next few months failed to show the Nexus 10.

This means either ASUS is keeping the big reveal a secret or someone else has been contacted for the Nexus 10 role. Sundar Pachai, the leader of Chrome and Android, has said the next generation Nexus 10 will be coming soon.

We may see some unlikely manufacturer come out to create the bigger tablet, perhaps Sony or Lenovo, both have made good tablets in the past. A leaked inventory order did show ASUS was the manufacturer of the Nexus 10, so it may just be the company is hiding it from the press.

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