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New Twitter App Update that Brings New Login Security Options and a Photo Search Gallery

Twitter today started rolling out an update to its official app for Android and iOS devices that brings more login security options and capability to approve login requests right on the device.  The new update brings a kind of two-way authentication SMS-based verification which now works without demanding that the user provides a phone number.  Push notifications and application alerts will handle all the processes.  This new feature will be a welcome relief to users in countries where SMS verification had been hindered by the geographical location.

Twitter App Update

Anyone anywhere in the world will now be able to use this added login security as long as they have an active internet connection and are using the official Twitter app for Android or iOS.  The user enables the feature such that when there is an attempted login, the app displays a login attempt push notification alerting.  The feature also has a back code within the application that the user can write somewhere to prevent being locked out of the twitter account.

Aside from the SMS authentication, the new update enables the application to offer improved context on request, listing the browser type made from as well as a location request to know what is real and what is not.  It appears this is Twitter’s response to earlier this year’s almost disastrous cases of high profile phishing attacks.  Once you have updated the app, you can enable this verification on the ‘Me’ tab under Settings in Security settings.  It is listed under Login Verification.

The photo Search gallery tool that comes to the official Twitter App is definitely most welcome to individuals who access lots of images and multimedia on Twitter.  The new improved search tool in Social Context indicators will give more information regarding the images searched and will display the images in a mosaic layout gallery, allowing for more images access at a time.  As Twitter brings more and more desktop features to their mobile app, it is us the end users who benefit.  If you haven’t updated yet, do so manually from Google Play Store when it is available or wait for a notification on your Play Store app.

Source: Twitter blog via The Verge

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