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New patent filing reveals Motorola smartwatch

Motorola Smartwatch

According to a new patent application, Motorola could be readying a new smartwatch under its wing. Motorola is not new to the smartwatch industry as it launched the MotoACTV back in 2011. Although this smartwatch wasn’t very successful for the company, it was certainly a great device for its time. Today with the Pebble Smartwatch and the Samsung Galaxy Gear, things have certainly changed. So it makes sense for Motorola to leverage the situation and make the best of it.

This new Motorola smartwatch patent seems to have been filed back in 2012 and is listed as a gadget which can “enfold about an appendage of a user.” The highlight however is the mention of multiple displays on the smartwatch, which could be very interesting. It seems like this smartwatch could also be closely wound with the wearer as it mentions different functions of the device depending on the owner’s mood as well as health conditions. There’s no word on launch yet, but we can expect to have more details leak out as the launch date nears.

Source: USPTO

Via: Engadget

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