New Images of HTC One Max Surface: What They Say About HTC’s Device Build

Samsung is not the only manufacturer to bring out a line of variants of its high end flagship smartphone – HTC seems to be adopting a similar strategy of covering all the corners of the market with devices of different sizes.  Just a day after the first clear images of the HTC One Max (T6) images appeared on the internet, questions regarding the build quality of this supersized device are arising, especially since the company’s flagship device, the HTC One, gained massive popularity world over for its aluminum build quality.  As a matter of fact, most sites that compared the HTC One to Samsung’s flagship smartphone Galaxy S4 point at the build quality of the phone as the device’s biggest advantage over its competitor.

HTC One Max

Newly leaked images and specs show that the HTC One Max will be HTC’s answer to Samsung’s Galaxy Note III which is expected to come on September 4th and the already launched Samsung Galaxy Mega.  The HTC One Max is a monster device that may be in its final stages of testing in China and is almost identical to the HTC One, except that it is not curved out of solid aluminum like its smaller sister but is made from a polycarbonate case.  The HTC One Mini, which the company introduced not so long ago, is made out of plastic.

Yes, it’s plastic

It appears that while HTC wishes to build high quality devices curved out of solid aluminum, curving out a single HTC One takes about 200 minutes and a bigger device, the HTC One Max, would probably take longer.  There are also budget concerns that HTC has to consider, especially now that the company is still struggling to recover from the losses it has been making prior to the launch of the HTC One.  To cut down the production costs and the weight of the HTC One Max, HTC had to sacrifice one of its device design and materials that made the HTC One among the company’s most profitable devices with the HTC One Max.

Although the HTC One mini is made out of plastic, it is a comparatively better quality and more solid material than the plastic that Samsung uses to make its devices.  However, the material is still plastic and this may bring down the device’s build quality rating to the same level as that of Samsung and other devices in the same category not made out of glass or metal.  Perhaps because of this, the price of the HTC One Max will be much more reasonable and perhaps the company will market the supersized handset as ‘lightweight’.  Good thing though, just like the HTC One and One Mini, the HTC One Max will have two envied features in a handset – a removable casing and dual front-facing speakers.


HTC may have just released a teaser of the HTC One Max and it appears Robert Downey Jr. may be the star to unveil the device.  The teaser video titled ‘Big Things Ahead’ and you can view it on YouTube.