New Chromecast app allows streaming from Dropbox


The Chromecast SDK is still in beta, leaving app developers sitting on their app, incapable of getting it onto the Chromecast or Google Play store. For developers to get apps onto the store, they need to contact Google, who may or may not allow it.

Koushik Datta has created another application from Chromecast, after previously showing a way to play local files from a mobile/tablet device onto the TV. This time, the app allows the user to share via Dropbox, something that could be implemented by the Dropbox team.

Essentially this is just another sharing option, the user goes onto the Dropbox file, presses the share button and then it will go onto the TV. It has a little bit of lag, around five to fifteen seconds on the demo by Datta, but an official app should work smoothly.

Dropbox works across almost every platform and users can take videos from the laptop or desktop, save them in Dropbox and then play them on the TV. This could be a simple workaround, since Chromecast currently does not have support for local media players, like Quicktime and VLC.

We are seeing lots more support from application developers, including Pandora, Vimeo, HBO Go and Hulu all pledging to work on a Chromecast button, for most of their platforms. We believe Amazon Prime, Spotify and local media could be next on the list.

Source: YouTube

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