New Chromecast app allows any video/audio to be cast through CyanogenMod


Developer Koushik Dutta is at it again with yet another new app for the Chromecast. This time, he taps into the CyanogenMod framework extensions, to allow any audio or video to be cast onto the TV.

Chromecast is still in beta and Google doesn’t know what it is going to do with the project. We assume apps from third party applications will be allowed to use the Chromecast SDK in a variety of ways and developers will be able to tinker with the SDK.

This is a big step up, basically making all audio and video media capable of being cast, as long as it is in the MediaPlayer on CyanogenMod. For start up Android users, setting this up may be a little complex, plus the application is not available to download yet.

Recently Dutta created a way to cast local media files from Android gallery onto the TV and made it possible to cast media files from Dropbox. While this is a third party working on a third party app, if one developer can do it simply we believe there will be no problem for the main development team.

Chromecast has received support from Vimeo, HBO Go, Hulu, Pandora and Netflix so far. The overwhelming demand for the TV dongle has forced Google to take off the Netflix offer and Amazon is experiencing three month delays for units.

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