Netflix family profiles coming to Android soon


Netflix has officially launched family profiles, after the new feature cropping up on different platforms and then suddenly disappearing, with no indication of it coming back.

With the large amount of platforms Netflix delivers content to, Android has been picked for the “second batch” of platforms. The first batch includes iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and some smart TVs.

It seems Android isn’t a hub for Netflix usage and we can see why, for a long time the Android app and Android tablet app didn’t work well and only on the Android 4.3 update have we actually seen Netflix get into the Android system.

With new video DRM encryption for Android and restricted profiles, Netflix could use both of these new features for their Android app. They already announced a new app for Android 4.3 that uses the DRM features.

We are unsure if the restrictive accounts are system level or can be used on an app level, we hope it is the latter, so apps like Netflix can integrate with the Google profiles, although this may not work with Netflix’s cross platform accounts.

Even though Android is in the second batch it will still be coming sometime this fall, which is not too long to wait. We can see less people being effected by this, as the Netflix usage is on the PS3, Xbox 360 and on the web.

Source: Netflix