Do we Need Wearable Tech?


Google Glass was most likely at the forefront of what is probably the next step in personal communication technology. We’ve had wearable sports gear for a while now, but this year we’ve seen a huge increase in activity for wearable technology that does more than just sports.

Recently we’ve heard a lot about Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, and a release for this product may even hit some time this year.

Other lesser recognized players in the mobile market are even considering building their own wearable tech, including companies like ASUS, a business that has managed to provide decent new ideas but have failed to gain much interest in the public, such as the tablet/notepad Transformer series of devices.

What do these manufacturers see in the wearable tech industry? Would you feel comfortable wearing Google Glass or a strange smartwatch out in public?

I could imagine many people would feel as if wearing wearable tech before it’s time would brand them as a ‘geek’ or a ‘nerd’ and many would probably give them strange looks as they walk by. The truth is however, that we use our smartphone so much that if a comfortable and easy to use design and user interface system was designed for wearable tech, we’d likely all fall victim to using it.

Our smartphones are practically attached to us 24/7 as it is, so it only makes sense that we ‘wear’ it to make things even easier and quicker to access.

This movement into wearable tech territory reminds me of nothing more than a sci-fi universe with gear and gadgets similar to what is seen in movies like Star Wars, and in fact, it somewhat makes these types of movies look outdated.

Are you happy with this move in technology or would you be more comfortable if things were to stay as they are?