Moving Apps to SD Card of Samsung Galaxy S4

moving apps to sd card

If you have recently updated the operating system of your Samsung Galaxy S4 to its latest version, moving apps to SD card is already possible. Moving apps to SD card is a great way to leave the internal memory of your phone some breathing room.

Moving Apps to SD Card

For those who are not familiar yet about the proper way of moving apps to SD card, the steps below will help you go through the process easily:

1. Choose Settings from the options provided when pressing the Menu key. You can also get to this option by tapping its icon or by accessing it via the Notification drawer.

2. On the Settings menu, choose More.

3. It might be a good idea to check the available space in your micro SD card first at this point to ensure that you have enough memory to hold the files you are planning to move. You can do this by tapping the Storage option from the list. Then, hit the Back button to go back to the previous selection.

4. Enter Application Manager.

5. You might want to arrange the order of your apps from the one taking up the largest memory down to the lowest or the other way around by pressing the Menu key followed by selecting the Sort by Size option. This will let you put a priority on apps that have the largest or smallest requirements.

6. Tap the app that you plan on moving to SD card.

7. Hit the button with the Move to SD Card command to initiate the transfer.

8. Wait until you see a notification that the transfer has been completed.

Reminders when Moving Apps to SD card

If the Move to SD Card is grayed out, it means that transfer from the internal memory to the external device is not possible. System apps and some apps that have been determined to be glitchy by developers when moved to SD card are restricted from getting this option.

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