Could Motorola still bring out the X Tablet?


The original X Phone leak, back in December, stated Google and Motorola had partnered up for the first time, to start work on two evolutionary devices. These devices would bring incredible battery life, ceramic back covers and would define the new era in mobile.

For the most part, Motorola stuck to the leak, the Moto X has 24 hours of battery life and different customisable back covers. It also has Touchless Control and other sensors for an improved smart experience.

We are still missing the second mobile device, the X Tablet. Internally Motorola have been working on the tablet for a while, pre-Moto X, so we were a little disappointed when the company just brought the smartphone and no tablet.

This could be for a good reason though, Motorola’s new strategy is making everything simple and bringing out two devices on the same day may have overshadowed one, never a good thing since Moto X is already a questionable device, at a questionable price, with questionable specs.

We believe the X Tablet will be released sometime this year and will mimic the design of the Moto X, we aren’t sure about the curved back but customisation will be available and we can see Motorola offering different sizes, perhaps seven and ten inch tablets.

This would tie in with Motorola’s new idea, offering one device with multiple customisations. We have heard rumours of a cheaper Moto X that will look the same and have the same experience, but may be a little underpowered. The X Tablet would be the same, with the 10-inch priced against the iPad and the 7-inch priced against the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7.

Source: WSJ

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