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Motorola settles XOOM trademark dispute out of court

Motorola XOOM copyright

Motorola was involved in a trademark infringement tangle with Xoom Corp after the launch of the Motorola XOOM tablet. Xoom Corporation is an online payment company which has been in functioning since 2003. So clearly the company had a problem when Motorola launched the XOOM tablet in 2011 without talking to the copyright holders. Motorola and Xoom Corp. have been battling this out in courts since then, but have now decided to call it a day as they seem to have come to a mutual agreement.

Motorola apparently has agreed to retire the XOOM brand name for its tablets, which means there won’t be any issues arising henceforth. Motorola seems to have paid a fair share of money to Xoom Corp, but there are no details on that yet. A Motorola spokesperson said the following – “The matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of the parties involved“.

Motorola currently has no plans of a tablet, not to our notice at least. But if it were to launch a new tablet, it cannot use the XOOM brand name anymore, which might be for the best as the name hasn’t really caught on with the public.

Source: The American Lawyer

Via: Engadget

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