Motorola to develop next Nexus device in Q4 2013


The Moto X reaffirms the connection between Google and Motorola, even though the two try to remain apart, the Google design influence is starting to seep into Motorola and we actually find it very exciting.

LG has been pegged for almost a year as the manufacturer for the next Nexus device, with the LG Nexus 4 selling very well, when it was in stock, we can see why Google would partner up with the South Korean manufacturer again.

However, with the Moto X we are starting to see the partnership become more than just patents and we may see Motorola step in to take over development of the new Nexus device, citied as the Nexus 5.

The Nexus program, according to Android and Chrome leader Sundar Pichai, has always been about showing OEM partners the way forward in Android. It has not been about competing per-say, rather showing them a new way to make incredible smartphones, whether it is a price reduction or next generation specs.

Google has done well with this program, it may not have been a successful one in terms of profit, but the excitement surrounding a stock Android, quickly updated experience is one unmatched in the Android universe.

With Motorola as the hardware arm, they can make a top-end Nexus device or Google could work around what Motorola has already brought to the table, with the X8 chipset, essentially a Snapdragon S4 Pro, quad-core GPU and two other cores.

Motorola’s new design is incredibly sleek and despite it not being metal the Moto X has one of the best looks and feels. We can see Google wanting to use their hardware arm, instead of LG, for the next Nexus device.

Current reports say the Nexus device will arrive in Q4 2013.

Source: Taylor Wimberly