Motorola may develop the next Nexus smartphone


The next Nexus smartphone is a little late to the party, with the current LG Nexus 4 sitting on shelves for over a year. Google may already be working on a new Nexus device, this time from their own hardware arm, Motorola.

Even though Google said when they bought Motorola the two companies would remain separate and Motorola would not have any special influence when it came to updates, it may be time for Google to get real.

The Nexus program is made for pushing innovation forward and with Google working inside the company to create the greatest product, without sourcing it to a foreign company, it may bring a new revolution in the mobile industry.

Currently news is slim, we have heard LG may be in trouble with the supply issues at the start of the Nexus 4 launch and Google has decided to go for its own brand for speed and communication benefits.

Motorola can obviously design high-end devices, it is only this new branch of smartphones that have dual application cores instead of quad-core. In other areas the X8 Motorola chipset is actually better than the other smartphones on the market.

We may see Google deploy the same tactics with Motorola from the Moto X onto the Nexus 5. Customisation may stop, but the push for more battery life and exceptional build quality that cannot be broken will stay.

The new design atheistic from Motorola is beautiful and if this were to come in a Nexus package with a superb off contract price, it would be hard to say no. The Nexus smartphone is set to launch on Q4 2013.

Source: Google+

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