Motorola could take over control of Google Glass


Motorola, the hardware subsidiary to Google, may take over the manufacturing part of Google Glass, in order to keep up with time limits and stock wanted worldwide.

CEO of Motorola Dennis Woodside claimed the AR specs could be put under Motorola’s job sometime in the near future, leading us to believe Motorola will once again assemble a device in the USA with help and advice from Google on every step.

Essentially this would be the first true partnership, the Moto X was a combined effort by Google to create a device unlike anything Motorola had created before, but it was, in many ways, still a Motorola product and not a Google idea.

This time, Google Glass is all Mountain View, Motorola would not be taking a stand in software or hardware for that matter, with Google tapping industries in Taiwan for development of the parts. Motorola will only assemble the augmented reality device, we believe.

What this move does tell us is Google will not use their own X Labs to manufacturer devices, instead relying on their big hardware arm, bought in 2011 for $12.5 billion.

Some users have predicted Google may go to Samsung, LG and other Android partners, in the future, for Google Glass iterations. This means we may see Google Glass copies from all these manufacturers, leading to possible fragmentation of GlassWare, the OS used for Google Glass.

We hope Google keeps the project to themselves, even though Android has been an immensely successful move by Google, it has one of the most fragmented experiences of any operating system, with companies like Amazon, Samsung and ZTE completely changing the experience and adding their own applications instead of Google’s services.

Source: Reddit

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