Moto X to come with unlockable bootloader on all carriers apart from Verizon


The Moto X has had tons of news and now the little pieces are finally being released by VPs and executives. The latest news is the Moto X will come with an unlockable bootloader on all carriers apart from Verizon.

Motorola’s VP of Product Management said on Google+ last night: “Perhaps this got missed in the launch hullabaloo…Moto X on the Sprint, US Cellular, Rogers and T-Mobile networks will have an unlockable bootloader, and in addition, we will be offering a Verizon Wireless Developer Edition and a general North American Developer Edition.”

This means all the Android enthusiasts who love creating customised designs for phones will be able to tap into the Moto X, at least on most carriers. Motorola has been one of the worst for locking down devices, so this is good news for the Android community.

Sadly it seems the two big guys will not play ball with enthusiasts, Verizon has just went out and said they will not support customisations and we have no word from AT&T, which we guess means they will want their Moto X devices locked down.

Motorola have announced developer editions of the Moto X which will be coming soon, alongside off contract prices and a possible Google Edition in the near future, bringing pure stock Android to the smartphone.

Source: Google+