Moto X revealed, mid-range smartphone at $199 on contract


The Moto X has finally been revealed and it comes with all the specs, features and software kinks leaked in the past few weeks. We still got a big buzz from the Moto X launch and it is definitely the most exciting device from Motorola in the past few years.

Motorola has decided to stop trying to fight in the specs war, instead trying to make a phone that will work for the average user and will continue to work for two years, without degrading to the point where the end user feels it was not worth it.

Android phones have had a poor reputation when it comes to working through two years without failure. The phone begins to degrade, battery life starts dropping to a few hours and the quality of the phone just starts to die.

Motorola hope by trying not to push the boundaries of specs but instead converse energy and focus more on design and personalisation, they will create a personal feel with the user, which will continue for two years.

Moto X Specs

The Moto X will come with a 4.7-inch 720p AMOLED display and quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, alongside 2GB of RAM. The display is a little less compelling against a 108p screen, but Motorola says it will help immensely with battery life.

Motorola’s X8 chip will offer dual-core CPU, quad-core GPU, single-core for contextual computing and another single-core for natural language processing. The two single cores will improve natural language without taking battery life.

Battery life is a big win for the Moto X, with Motorola stating the phone will last twenty-four hours. Unlike most manufacturers, which promise a full day and actually give eight hours, the Moto X will come with an actual full day.

Coming in 16 or 32GB, the storage options are reasonable but we are sad to see no 64GB version for power users. Surprisingly, even with Motorola being owned by Google, the Moto X will ship with Android 4.2.2.

Touchless Control, Active Display and Quick Capture are all on the Moto X, this seems to be a new Motorola suite of features, all were added to the Motorola Droid smartphones.

Motorola’s New Plans

Motorola has added the Moto Maker, this will allow buyers to choose from 18 backplate colours, black or white front panel and seven different side-mounted button and rear camera ring colours. Motorola states there are 504 different choices for the Moto X, but this will be exclusive to AT&T for a short period of time.

Essentially Motorola is going half in with Google, instead of being a fully-bred stock Nexus, they pushed their own software and hardware, while working alongside Google to try and make the phone a huge improvement on the current lineup.

This means while they get Google’s advice and some help with the software, they are still their own company, despite being a subsidiary to Google. This means we will not see the device off-contract on Google Play and it make take a few months for a Google Edition to come to market.

Contract Price

One problem with the Moto X is the price, this phone was meant to be the revolution Motorola and Google would nurture into the market. Unlike the Nexus 4, that came off contract for $300, this will start at $199 on contract.

The good news is users can choose between AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, who will all supply the phone. We have no pricing for off contract models and we have no idea when this phone will be coming to the UK or any other countries.

This is the one big burner for fans of Google and people who were excited for the Moto X. They believed the leaks detailing the Moto X coming for $199, $249 or maybe even $349 off contract and now they are stuck with what is likely to be $599 off contract.